Things I’m Grateful For – A Draft

By | October 15, 2012
  • For my boys and being there for them – To hug, to learn the depths of my heart and how to spell trust. That includes Sasha trusting me to get a pebble out of his ear today and me knowing enough about boys to know that he put it there on purpose but not forcing him to admit to it. For being told later “Yes, I did it, I wanted to try something else.” A journey of many steps, big and small.
  • Water. Clean. Whenever I need it.
  • For people who will be there no matter what and for them knowing that I will be too. For never taking anyone for granted.
  • For having learned to not miss the forest for the trees and yet treasure both.
  • For being told “Yes you can” at least once and for being able to remember how to say it when there’s no one to do it.
  • For being heard at least once.
  • For learning to speak my mind.
  • For being trusted.
  • For knowing when a miracle happens.
  • For rain and clouds. For colors.
  • For being asked.
  • For knowing that today only happens once. Now.
  • For caring.
  • For that perfect orange sunshine glow on an late October afternoon that makes me feel like I know about beauty.
  • For being told “You’re worth it” loud enough to hear.
  • For all the meals I was hoping for and did not dare ask, including the potatoes I dug out of my new garden one late evening after a long trip.
  • For downhills.
  • For being able to write while I cook and for knowing that someone will read it.
  • For knowing that spring always comes.
  • For knowing that offering forgiveness is learning to be humble and listen to someone’s heart hugging my own.
  • For people who make me think and challenge me to see, and for knowing that I did that for at least one person.
  • For knowing that I have everything I need.
  • For being forgiven.
  • For being there when my boys laughed for the first time. For remembering it.
  • For being told “No” when the answer was really “No.”
  • For being told “Yes” when I was holding my breath in fear.
  • For knowing that I can challenge you to add at least one thing you’re grateful for and for hoping that you will do it. How else do you make it go on otherwise?
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