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A New Addiction

I have a new addiction. My evening run. Aside from my daily dose of endorphins and the crisp cool air that clears my head before my evening writing, I get occasional bonuses. Tonight my big prize was a perfectly round full moon, a skunk digging for worms or bugs – did not dare get close enough to check on that – and bagpipe music from a neighbor’s house. On a rainy night I get empty streets and no other noise but the raindrops pounding on leaves and asphalt. Hard not to get addicted.



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Today is a Gift

Not just today. Every day. We receive gifts every day. And we should be grateful. The reason we are not is because often times we don’t quite know where to find the gifts. It could be a hug from your child, a smile from a person you barely know or have never met, it could be a flower opening up or a cloud floating in the sky. It could be a thought or a memory. Of times past, indeed, but blossoming into wisdom or beauty today. Wake up feeling grateful for being alive, for being able to see the sky and the silver lining on clouds and for being able to feel the rain.

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A Fine New Day

The first ever entry in my blog.

No pressure, right? There is so much to say. So much to wish for and create and hopefully inspire. I wish myself to be determined and follow the path I already painted in my mind about this website, the hopes and dreams behind it. “Dream big dreams and then make them happen”, a friend once said to me. I thought it sounded pretentious and well, more generic than I cared to accept. And yet it was one of those things that stuck with me.

I came to realize that it was neither pretentious nor generic; it was real. And it gave me a big push too. Big dreams happen to people who believe they can happen and are ready to put their time, energy, and enthusiasm on the line. Wetting my feet today is but the beginning of the trip I now feel ready for. Sails up and blue skies! With some clouds for good measure too. And while I cannot proclaim my love for clouds as they used to in the old days, I will do my best to help you see their beauty together with the beauty of the world we live in.

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