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I Can Skip Rocks! (Or How I Made Rocks Dance On The Water)

This is something I always wanted to do. Seriously. Skipping rocks always had a magic aura attached to it. To see the rocks dancing, jumping on top of the water was akin to watching a highly-skilled magic show. Don’t laugh. It is true. I held skippers in great regard. How do you make rocks do that? I know, physics 101. Aside from that, I mean. The hand movement. Visualizing the trajectory, choosing the perfect rock. I went over this again and again but I never got it right. Until yesterday that is. I watched my husband do it, he is a great skipper.

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But Is It Real?

Social media. Are you still scared of it? Or are you immersed in it way over your head? Well, the way I see it there should be a middle way. I resisted the idea of making contact with the world this way – Twitter and Facebook  – for quite a while. I wasn’t ready to be out there exposing my thoughts. What if people didn’t like what I had to say, what if my comments will attract some odd comments, what if I simply won’t like it? I am now confident enough to say "So what? I’ll get over it and they’ll get over it. Life goes on either way".

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My Nagging Question (One Of Many)

I couldn’t have found a better blog post than the one I wrote last night, on want to versus have to. Yes, I did sacrifice part of my sleep for it, but it was worth it. And what better proof than Sir Ken Robinson’s talk today. Watch it please, it will enrich your life. And change the way you look at education. Except that you’ll feel like you’re standing in the rain all of a sudden without an umbrella in sight.

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