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Are You A Bee? Then Your Children Should Be Too

Are you a parent? Or a teacher? You might answer no to both and that’s quite alright. But for sure you were a kid once. And no matter how long ago that was, you most likely agree that each child has his or her special talent and ideally they should be encouraged to pursue that special talent and become really good at it while also feeling increasingly empowered in the process and self-confident about achieving even more along the way?

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Living Life As Everything Is A Miracle

Are you? Amidst all craziness and with all the ups and downs I’m experiencing these days I can say with all my heart that I do. I love the sun waking me up in the morning, I love to see my boys’ faces all ready to start the day and hearing their chitchat two seconds after opening their eyes and then I love waiting for the day to unfold. Everything comes rolling in bringing little things on my doorstep one after another. And I do believe that it’s the little things that make up life. Some are bad and some are good. Some simply are.

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Nonviolent Communication

Have you heard of it? It is one brilliant concept. Having been the victim of a violent verbal attack recently, I am definitely determined to learn more about nonviolent communication. This time I was at the receiving end and it felt as bad as it sounds. Frightening and hurtful, two words I wish I never have to use again to describe an interaction with another human being. After wiping big tears and getting some big hugs from my friends, I once again pushed my chin up and decided to use this as yet another learning opportunity.

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