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The Power Of Words

My mom was special. Very much so. I know, most moms are. But you see, my mom gave me this amazing gift. She told me repeatedly that if there is something I really want to do in life, I can do it. Just like that. One of her favourite memories of me was about how determined I was to learn to walk, by myself, with no helping adult around, at 10 months of age. And I loved to hear that story over and over when I was little and as an adult too.

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You Are Here, Now. Enjoy It!

I was hanging out with my boys at my favourite “feel just right” place – the river banks, and after a couple of hours of just the three of us, a little boy comes there and starts drawing a rather intricate something in the sand. A lot of work. Very close to the water. Where the waves from boats passing by come and dance, erasing everything and carrying sticks and rocks into the river. So I almost felt like telling him that the drawing might not last, thinking he’ll be disappointed if the water erased it. And I didn’t.

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One Word

To describe yourself today. Choose it now. And see how you feel for the rest of the day. I chose “Blessed”. From 5pm when I came up with this until late at night when I am writing this post, I felt blessed. And it made me think. I chose the word even before I thought of all the possible reasons I feel grateful for. I did that later and that only amplified my feeling and reminded me why I chose the word in the first place. Well, you might say, maybe your life is just so amazing right now that no other word would do. It so happens that right now my life is far from perfect.

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