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Merry Christmas! Because I want it back

I went to buy Christmas gifts a few days ago. And not even one store clerk said “Merry Christmas” to me, even though they were all small stores and one had an abundance of Nativity scenes too. They all said “Happy Holidays”. I get it, they want to be politically correct. Not everyone celebrates Christmas and that’s fine, I know that not all people celebrate the same thing I do. I get that.

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Now that’s a heavy word. A scary one, some will say. It sure sends chills down many spines. It is scary because it has two sides to it: you give some, you get some. One is darker than the other. The “give some”. Or at least that’s what it looks like until we get close enough to see that the “get some” part has a certain undisputable brightness to it, which counterbalances the grey shadows of the first. A certain lightness, some would say. What holds the two in balance is worthiness. The certitude that both give and get are worth it.

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The Power To Change Someone’s World

Can you? Can I? I don’t know about you, but I am an optimist and I say yes. And it is not just a blind belief. It is the fact that I have, in a small way, or in many small ways, changed it. How, you ask? Well, small steps. Changing some lifestyle habits, talking to people about it. Writing about it here, now.

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