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It’s All Up There

I am standing in line at my local grocery store. Nothing very exciting while waiting to pay for groceries, you’ll most likely agree. Chocolate bars are the same, chewing gums with colours covering the whole rainbow spectrum are displayed at my kids’ eye level so they can sharpen their whining skills every time they’re shopping with mom. This time I’m by myself, a treat in itself.

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Thank You For Your Time

I was on the bus the other day with my youngest son. A woman in a wheelchair got on a bus a couple of stops later. She smiled a lot and had a dog in training with her. Then a blind man with a guiding dog, a golden Lab, got on the bus too. Both dogs were calm and quiet. Between following the trails of raindrops on the foggy window with his tiny index finger, my son’s attention was drawn towards the two people and their dogs. He asked questions about them, why do they have dogs with them, why is the woman in a wheelchair and how come that the man cannot see. How do people become blind?

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Kids and Schools – And Why Learning Does Not Necessarily Mean Going To School

I’ve always been apprehensive about schools. The actual institutions scare me. Perhaps scare is too big of a word. Schools intimidate me. Maybe it was the preschool teacher who was of a more stern nature that I expected as a three-year-old. Maybe it was the fact that there was no choice in sight. I grew up in a communist country and uniformity was the saveur du jour whether one liked it or not. I always felt quite tense when I approached the actual institution.

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