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Flying Gerbils and What You Can Learn From Them If You’re So Inclined

Ever seen a flying gerbil? Me neither. Except for that mouse I rescued from my cat’s mouth when I was five. Shortly upon rescuing it bit me and the pain made me send it flying, which action was interpreted as permission to gobble by the cat. So technically that was a flying mouse. Today our… Read More »

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Honeycombs in Granville Island and A Turquoise Ocean

It’s Friday, another pro-D day (professional development day) and since the boys are staying home I thought we should make it a good day. Coconut pancakes start the day, friends come over to play for a bit and then we head over to the Museum of Anthropology. It’s raining but there is absolutely nothing wrong… Read More »

The Problem With Pink

The advertisement flyers did it. The pink cupcakes, the pink cookies, all highly processed made from refined flour and sugar, plus artificial colors, they had the well-known pink ribbon right next to them. Eat that to support breast cancer research? Really? And then the other flyers with cosmetics, pink seat covers and the rubber mats… Read More »