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Acceptance or Something Like That

We want it. I know I did for the longest time, I still am at times when the ground gets a bit shaky to walk straight. I think we are genetically programmed to seek acceptance. Maybe a projection from those early days of childhood when acceptance meant love and survival, and cuddles too, which are… Read More »

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Spelling Right (With a Big Fat Pun On the Side)

This is how I think of it: In a country with a high literacy rate like Canada spelling correctly is something that should be as obvious as blinking. Sounds cold but it isn’t. This is why: If we share at least one word with the world out there that word should be as clean and… Read More »

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Let The Playing Children Play

“Hey, miss shoulders, you’re not paying attention! You gotta move side to side, like this.” “Come on, buddy, kick, kick…” “You can do it, put your face in the water and blow bubbles! Two more times, sweetie… Parent-turned-trainers work hard. These three did at least. So did the kids. Their ages ranged from three to… Read More »

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