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Conquering Mountains With Buckets of Laughter

The boys and I head out to Cypress Mountain after a lazy morning with coconut pancakes, tea, and a good talk on the phone with my sister, always a treat on a weekend morning. The city is soaking wet but the mountains on the other shore are shrouded in clouds. As we drive towards them… Read More »

The Last Bowl

Whipped cream was one of those things that I felt I could never have enough of. I have a sweet tooth of decent size and urgency, never drove out at midnight to get a bag of sweets or ate until I got sick. Mine pulls towards chocolate and straightforward confections containing some berry fruit and/or… Read More »

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A House Mouse Named River

I have a gerbil running around the house the way others have cats and dogs. She’s a gerbil and she’s been ours since May of last year because her former owners grew tired of having her for a pet. A lonely misunderstood pet. Gerbil whisperer I am not but I admit to always jumping to… Read More »

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