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My Car and I

I woke up to a carless driveway. Where was Waldo (car)? The give away were the recycling papers scattered all over the back lane and the garbage can knocked over in a way that spelled bloody murder. No raccoons and no wind last night made for a good riddle. What happened then? The car was… Read More »

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When “Curriculum” Sounds Scary

I ceremoniously dedicated my blog to writing about writing and you’d have to believe that I meant it. And I will keep at it but such is life: Things happen and they take us off track for a bit. Intermittent is the word.  That is my disclaimer and I’ll ask to use it today and… Read More »

Reality Check

Three days into the writing life are a bit of a sore sight. Rightfully so. Just like with everything else, timing is key. The boys are on spring break, on top of it they had a nasty flu and associated bad moods or easily-bothered selves. Between cooking, tending to their needs and dealing with the… Read More »