Monthly Archives: April 2012

I Have What I Need (How To)

Some of what I have, in some particular order (but not spending too much time on being too particular, since it is a very subjective matter to begin with): family, friends, health, ideas, achievements, opportunities, objects. I don’t own much yet what I own is more than what many people around the world would ever… Read More »

Because I Don’t Have Time, That’s Why

Not sure what did it. The shells perhaps. So many of them in my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Hallway too, and you can barely call it that. It’s a small place and that is good. But there’s too many things in it. Shells get dusty. I don’t have time to clean them and dusty annoys me.… Read More »

A Reminder. Or What I Sound Like When Death Comes Too Close. Again.

Today’s post was supposed to be of a different flavor. But our house mouse died. Suddenly. I watched her die. Held her for a bit as I carried her to her paper fluff filled abode. The way she liked it. She died in there. It was sad, being so close to death even in gerbil… Read More »