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What Do Burying Squirrels and Defending Lance Armstrong Have in Common? Life. A Whole Lot Of It

I saw the squirrel jumping its endless squirrelly jumps all over the maple tree in the front yard. It stopped, stared at us and moved on with its life and us with ours. His was playing, ours was selling. A first garage sale, you see. A great lesson in so many ways and if it… Read More »

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Tag Day, Figs and Grazing Guinea Pigs

A few weeks ago I signed up for a tag game. A writerly one. It invites to committing to one’s work, committing to just one thing and getting it done… you still here? I’d be lost by now, you see, because that’s not really me, the one thing at a time person. But I believe… Read More »

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Know What Fear Tastes Like, Know That You Are Not It

This mosquito would not give up. When mosquitoes were invented they were given one quality: relentlessness. It’s worked for them since. But it’s 3am and if I don’t make it go away I will be spending the rest of the night swatting at an insect that’s minuscule in size and gargantuan in its capacity to… Read More »