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So This Is Christmas

It was two days ago that I realized how I am not scared of this year’s Christmas anymore. Or apprehensive for that matter. The first Christmas in a different place can do that to someone like me, you see. Unfamiliar places become familiar as you immerse yourself in them, and so has Kamloops since we… Read More »

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Why I Write What I Write

I believe many writers are chimeras of some sort. Writing different things at different times and hoping (I’d say knowing but that almost sounds like bragging) that each written thought will provoke others, it will inspire, or irk or make someone’s world slightly warmer, rounder and perhaps add some bits of meaning to it. I… Read More »

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My Thoughts on The Zombie Crap (Yes, I said Crap)

First thing first: There are no zombies now, nor will there be any in ten years from now chasing people in order to feast on their brains or to cough some zombie phlegm in a carefully-designed prepper’s soup. Now you’ll ask why would I even write about this. Well, it could be the fact that… Read More »

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