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Things You Can (Should) Do With An Igloo

You know about the igloo by now. It was built in the back yard before Christmas, but the fact that it is still standing, though subdued because of time and various elements that happened upon it, well, I thought it’d be fair to describe the many uses of such a contraption should you be inspired… Read More »

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Are We Failing Our Kids? (Part 2)

A couple of days ago I went to search for some new pajamas for the boys. They are growing you see. And pajamas stay the same and although I buy based on need and not want, I am facing some severe consumer dilemmas lately. The pajamas I looked at were all fire-retardants, it said so… Read More »

All The Birds Of A River

It’s Saturday. Cloudy and very cold. After two months of winter here I can distinguish between the soft glow of a not so cold morning, and the drab quietness of a chilly, cloudy one. Not that I am worried or anything. It’s weather. You cannot change it, you can only accept it. In this case… Read More »