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Why Legacies Make Sense

It was a couple of months ago. The boys and I were walking alongside the half-frozen river and chatting. It was cold and the ice lacing the shores made it look even colder. But it was a good warm walk with good warm words sewn into it. My oldest son is enthralled by a creative… Read More »

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Pink Corn To Go

The package read Kandy Corn – The sweetest variety, a favorite summer treat. It was given to us with a bunch of other seeds to plant. But in one corner there was a stamped warning: “Contents poisonous. Do not eat. Do not let kids handle it. Contents sprayed with chlorpyrifos.” Right. I opened the package… Read More »

Why We Wander

If it wasn’t for my mom’s perfectly tasting braised cabbage dish that had just about the perfect amount of black peppercorn in it… Well, let’s just say that when you’re five and curious about the world outside the yard, there are few things that can pull you back to home base. So I came back… Read More »

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