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School’s Over. The Things We’ve Learned

It’s been a roller-coaster, I won’t lie. But so what, life is, no? Unless you choose to stay safely under awnings that will not let you feel the rain, but might not let you feel the warmth of the sun either. You need both. That’s how we embraced another school year. Jumping in, both feet.… Read More »

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Today’s Impractical News

On a Friday: The yellow butterfly came by, again, at 13.30, again. Sharp little fellow set on a mysterious timer, which is just one reason why we should protect such critters. Killing them is akin to smashing a nice watch with a big fat hammer… You’d agree perhaps? I saved a bee from drowning. We… Read More »

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Today, We Paint

There is a yellow butterfly that visits our front yard every day; at noon or so. It’s been more than a week since it started visiting. It’s big enough to make itself noticeable as I sit at the dining table and write. A yellow butterfly*, a rare sight these days. On Saturday the boys saw… Read More »

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