Monthly Archives: June 2014

Play, Said Summer. And We Played

We had cherry pie for dinner. One of my mom’s recipes, possibly the only one I follow to the letter. Because I miss the very taste, not my own rendition… We had been hiking on steep trails at Peterson Creek in late afternoon; bright faces, tired legs, ‘I cannot take one more step’ and all… Read More »

Chasing Happiness

If it’s past 9 o’clock kids should be in bed, or so the unwritten laws of good parenting dictate. But the breezy night just set in after a long hot day and we still dance our feet on the pavement on the way to the river. We take the back alleys because they are unpretentious.… Read More »

Life Is Only A Part Of It All

The mood is somber today. The two guinea pigs that squeaked their way into our lives for the last four years died suddenly, one after another. Digging a grave, no matter how small, is not a small thing. It just isn’t. But I had to. One last night and one this morning. We chose the… Read More »