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Tales Of Ponds And The Physics Principle We Cannot Escape

Originally published as a column in the AM News on Friday August 8, 2014. The day was heavy…I woke up to a hazy sky and had my thoughts clumped under it the whole day. Tailings pond disasters, the humanitarian crisis in Irak, the Ebola outbreak… The list is longer than we care to admit or… Read More »

Crepes For Breakfast

I wanted to go out for a morning ride, I had the itinerary in mind and was all dressed, but I could not get myself to leave the house before the boys woke up. I’d miss the first hug, the nestling of little boy on my lap, the hug from big boy, their hair every… Read More »

Memories And Their Keepers

I remember being very young and resting my head on a small pillow in my mom’s lap. My ears were hurting and all I can remember is the warmth of my mom’s hand on my head. That is my first memory. I remember climbing the quince trees in my yard and finding a comfortable branch… Read More »