Monthly Archives: October 2014

Living In Fear Is Not An Option, But Something Needs To Change

(Originally published as a column in the AM News on October 24, 2014) On the morning of October 22 a storm of bad news pounded through all media outlets starting from the east, and by the time western Canada opened their eyes to the world, tweets bearing the hashtag #Ottawashooting kept coming faster that you… Read More »

The School Conundrum. Again

The trees in our front yard are raining leaves, swayed by the same gentle breeze that has been peeling off grey clouds from the hills that are now draped in a bright October sky. You cannot take this kind of beauty for granted. I called the boys to witness the sight this morning. Fresh out… Read More »

Stories Of The Old

Originally published as a column in the AM News on October 2, 2014.  She said ‘I have something for you to borrow’ and walked to the hallway closet. From the top shelf she got a book. Green and old, hardcover, with writing that spilled the secret: a Kamloops directory from the late ‘40s. I am… Read More »