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A Farewell To Mice (Yeah, You…)

The two of you that ran across the living room and entrance hallway this morning may have had a point. That the place will be yours again soon. Which is why I didn’t bother look twice. So it’s true. You win. We felt victorious for those three days or so of decimating (have we though?)… Read More »

A Story Of Waste And Inexcusable Indignities

 The article was initially published as a column in the Armchair Mayor News on December 12, 2014.  Our garden was lush and plentiful this year. We had lettuce since early spring, we had green onion, radishes, kale, chard, and herbs. Later in the summer we had carrots and potatoes and corn. We shared lots with… Read More »

No Epilogue Yet

The 12th mouse scampered across the kitchen as we sat in the living room drinking our morning coffee and wondering why the furnace had stopped working. I stared in disbelief, sighed and then mentioned it (the mouse) casually to my husband, as I really did not want to ruin our coffee time; it’s one of… Read More »

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