Monthly Archives: January 2015

Of Growing Boys, and Tears, And Stories, and Soft Grey Caterpillars

‘I cannot do it!’ Little boy says it loud and though no tears come into his eyes, I could hear them stomp behind the words. Loudly; tears. It is about a game. Cute, old-fashioned design, itty bitty characters that look like baby crocodiles… Yes, sigh, the one Nintendo game little boy gets to play is… Read More »

It’s a Together Thing – A Kamloops Story

(Initially published as a column in the AM News on January 24, 2015) I saw her talking to someone in a parked car as I was walking towards mine. Then she wobbled her way towards my car. I was already in when I noticed she was standing by the passenger’s window.  I rolled it down.… Read More »

Children Need To Take It Outside (and Us Too)

(Originally published as a column in the AM News on January 16, 2015)  The good thing about sleeping in an igloo is that when you get up you’re already dressed for the day. In our case, that helped even more since we slept in and woke up at 8am and school was to start half… Read More »