Monthly Archives: February 2015

Of Eagles, Specks of Gold and Never Ending Dreaming

I didn’t notice the eagle until it took off flying from some scraggly tree near the beach the boys affectionately call Golden Sands. The sand is speckled with mica, but we all choose to think of it as gold. Not the gold bits you’d ravenously stick into your pockets to become rich, but the gold… Read More »

In Cars With Boys On An Ordinary Day

Feet are ready to walk but school is far nowadays so driving it is. For now… But driving has its charm when you drive children. A wee bit of music, sleepy words snaking their way through the foggy morning air, buckle up and go… ‘Do you see the hills?’ you ask as you drive down… Read More »

Education Should Not Be About Money But About Critical Thinking

Initially published as a column in the AM News on February 6, 2015.  I grew up in a country where I had access to free university education. It seemed logical. I had to pay to live in the dorms and I had to pay for food, of course, and I also had to pay for… Read More »