Monthly Archives: April 2015

Mindfulness – Why I Walk This Path

We walk to the bus in early morning, little boy and I, and I expect shivers. It has been chilly lately. Instead, the air feels warm, though with a touch of crispness. Little boy plays with the purple marble he found yesterday just outside the school on the way to the library. ‘I like how… Read More »

On Earth Day And Further

It is Earth Day today – officially, that is – and that means many things: that many people actively think about their world today, that they may feel inspired to make changes that will help heal it and keep it alive, that even though Volkswagen Canada pushed some car-related trend to top trend on Twitter… Read More »

Why I Write What I Write

Initially published as a column in the AM News. Last year in May the boys and I hiked to Gibraltar rock near Paul Lake. It was sunny, we hoped to see chipmunks and we also love the view from up there, all perfect reasons to venture up the trail. What we did not know was… Read More »