Monthly Archives: August 2015

Lessons Sprouting Out Of Small Gardens. Eight.

It is by no one’s fault in particular that the garden this year is of Lilliputian dimensions and rather drab looking. A far cry from last year’s. But such is life. The road reveals itself as you go and gardens have a way of teaching humbleness. Lesson one. Like parenting. I said it before. The… Read More »

Why Every Vote Counts

Initially published as a column on AM News. A couple of weeks ago Canadians living abroad woke up to sobering news: those who have lived abroad for more than five years do not have the right to vote in Canada anymore. The reason, according to the Ontario Court of Appeal, is that their vote would… Read More »

The Honour System – Why We Need It In Place

Initially published as a column in the AM News. There are many pressing environmental issues that have my attention these days, such as the new decision that Shell can drill in the arctic (restrictions notwithstanding, drilling is drilling), or that our premier is about to sign up the province for many long years of LNG… Read More »