Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Magic Of Social Conscience

Initially published as a column in NewsKamloops on October 23, 2015.  There is something to be said about caring. It brings out the best in people, it really does. The 2015 elections proved it, and there are numbers to show for it, as 68.5 per cent of all Canadians took to the poles to exercise… Read More »

Raising Boys In A Factual World. Notes From Our School

It’s Friday and sunny. Little boy has his midday piano class and the tune of ‘Hot cross buns’ flows around the living room and trails all over the house, chasing big brother outside where he can read ‘The story of science’ without any hot buns crossing his mind. The topics of today were bones and… Read More »

Of Mice and Us. Take Two

I once owned a mouse in Vancouver. She was actually a gerbil accused of unprovoked violence by her previous owners, cute and beady-eyed like any respectable rodent. She became the object of my compassion after I saw her gnaw at the metal bars of her cage with the desperation of the unfairly incarcerated. I said… Read More »