Monthly Archives: February 2016

So… Kindness

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Mahatma Gandhi The boys and I used to play a game. If you could have one wish… Or three. What would you wish for? One of mine was always ‘that there is enough kindness in the world’. The boys would smile and tilt their heads.… Read More »

Children Matter. Period.

Originally published as a column in NewsKamloops on Friday, February 19, 2016.  There is nothing scarier or more upsetting for a parent than to feel helpless as he or she watch their child struggle with something they do not have the key to solve. Last night found me wrestling thoughts of helplessness as I laid… Read More »

To Live Is To Learn

Originally published as a column in NewsKamloops on February 12, 2016.  My family and I went to Victoria for a few days. It was quite a treat. The breath of early spring was present in purple crocus patches, red tulips and yellow daffodils spread along sidewalks, even a cherry tree shyly showing its tiny pink… Read More »