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Four Of Us And Pup, Winter Trekking

There is always that feeling of mild sorrow when leaving a place where you stayed even for a bit. A part of you stays behind no matter what. When we left in the morning, the cabin that was our home for one night was inundated by bright sunlight. It looked pretty and inviting. Places where… Read More »

A Taste Of Canada

Originally published as a column on September 5, 2014 in the Armchair Mayor News.  It was Saturday morning and the sun was the brightest in a few days. We were planning an overnight hike to a nearby lake, the boys’ first if you don’t count a canoe camping trip we did a while ago. Six… Read More »

Ice, Boys plus Dog = Perfect Day

Today’s late morning is exploding with sunshine. “Should we go see a frozen waterfall?” The boys agree. Today we hike in Peterson Creek Park. We explored part of the park in the fall. It was hot, dry and challenging. A first steep hike for the boys. Now it’s different. The creek has icy sideburns and… Read More »