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Snow Falling On Growing Boys. Worthiness

Upon waking, a child’s face is sweetly scrunched up and bearing the dreamy gaze of recently peeled-off sleep. A flavour like no other. Another thing to miss down the road, another song that will keep on pouring notes into my mornings long after the boys will have grown up. I woke up early today because… Read More »

Here’s Why. Happy Mother’s Day

You may think me crazy but I really did not mind this morning’s quarrel so much, you know. I did not want the day to be perfect, so the loudness and messy bits made it just right. You’ll ask in amazement, two pairs of brown loving eyes, puzzled yet again by what I say. ‘Mom,… Read More »

Tying Wind and River Together… The Dance Continues

This is the place I discovered last year in May when the cacti were in bloom. And it was our first time seeing a cactus flower. It gives you the tingles. No pun, it does. You want to become a bee for the privilege of loading your insect pants with cactus flower pollen. A green… Read More »