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Permission To Speak Freely

Originally published as a column in NewsKamloops on September 2, 2016.  It never ceases to amaze me how cautiously positive and uplifting a bunch we have to become or strive to be. Staying away from discussing politics or appearing too negative in how we discuss life in both its mundane and extraordinary details, we have… Read More »

The Case of Missing Innocence – A Sequel

Last night I attended Jesse Miller‘s talk about kids and social media: the good, the bad and the ugly. As expected, ugly can get uglier with a click and Miller explained how. The topic is as heavy as it is complicated. The recurring refrain was the one that seems to be the only viable solution,… Read More »

The Case Of Missing Innocence

It happened again. The ill combination of tech devices, hormones and bad judgment, plus a lack of boundaries has a handful of students from South Kamloops Secondary School (SKSS) in Kamloops in a painful knot. Will there be charges of child pornography laid in the latest case of inappropriate content swapping among high school students?… Read More »