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March Eight. Of Robins, Boys and Blades of Grass

It’s only fitting that the robin comes flying by the side of the car as I drive slowly after dropping off little boy for Forest School. It is March 8, and growing up meant Mother’s Day. No bells and whistles, no marketing campaigns or Hallmark cards, just carefully hand drawn cards, mostly with snowdrops because I… Read More »

Glowing and Growing. Time To Understand

If I say that time seems to slow down just so that we can realize how fast it goes would make your head spin. I’ll say it anyway. It is when I stop for a few moments that truth dawns on me: time stops and runs fast at the same time. What side do we… Read More »

Here’s Why. Happy Mother’s Day

You may think me crazy but I really did not mind this morning’s quarrel so much, you know. I did not want the day to be perfect, so the loudness and messy bits made it just right. You’ll ask in amazement, two pairs of brown loving eyes, puzzled yet again by what I say. ‘Mom,… Read More »