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Why Be Mindful, Starting Today

It is early morning, the house is dark and quiet and there is no better time to be aware of where I am. I pull the curtains because it snowed overnight and whiteness makes me feel safe and cozy. I open the door, breathe in the cold and look at the sleepiness around. Across the… Read More »

Thoughts For The Road…

To Laura and Nemo, thought munchies for the road ahead… If you were my kid and leaving today to see and feel and taste the world, this is what I’d tell you:       That you’re never alone. Repeat as often as you need to so you will believe it. It’s true. That you… Read More »

You Have Choices. Always. Unless…

Unless you are somebody’s slave – slavery has yet to be abolished, unfortunately – you are where you are now because of the choices you made yesterday and continue to make today. You have choices. Always. The day turns to night and you have no choice to make daylight longer or brighter, nor do you… Read More »