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Holding On, Dawdling And Markers To Find Our Way

I have a fresh cup of coffee and the ‘to do’ list I left on my desk last night clearly states that I should attend to my article on stroke and depression. I dawdle instead. The word stroke makes me think of my Dad. He did not become depressed after his stroke but angry; I… Read More »

In Praise Of Slowness

Originally published as a column in the AM News on Friday, July 4, 2014. We were on a mission to get a couple of laneway wild poppies, my youngest son and I. We were inspired by one of the vendors at Art in the Park on Canada Day. In case you missed it, make sure… Read More »

If You Could Stop It, Would You?

Monday morning came heavy and grey; a merciless headache and sore throat included. Some chores had to be done, less so taking the boys to school. Pink eye on one, a bit of a cough on the other, the house felt like a camp where the blind learned to lead the blind. Everyone stayed home.… Read More »