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Many years ago I had a conversation with my husband about who we are. His argument was that we are defined by what we do. I agreed to a point, but kept asking ‘But who are you? What makes you you?’ We’re still chuckling about that exchange. What makes you You? Here’s my take:

The beginning: I was born in Romania, in the middle of Transylvania. My childhood was idyllic, despite the existing communist regime. I credit that to my parents’ ability to keep the magic alive. When I was six, I went on a name strike, refusing to respond to anything but my middle name. Now I love it. I It takes a few good people to call it right – my mom first of all.

I write. Occasionally it comes out so right it makes me feel smug. Other times it’s the opposite. It’s a seesaw that keeps me humble. As for the dark days when nothing seems to work, that’ll be a revealing post one day soon.

I am a mother. My previous 2010 version said ‘I have two boys who play in mud up to their necks – this not a figure of speech – and believe that boundaries are more of a fictional creation than flying pigs. They are no strangers to carving with pocketknives either. I would not have it any other way.’ Current 2019 version: I have two boys, one a teenager and another on the cusp of teenagehood. I miss the roundness of their faces and arms, and the chirpy little voices, but I am grateful witness to their becoming young men.

I have one membership: I belong to the Cloud Appreciation Society. Yes, it exists. It involves (the non-productive but ever so fascinating) cloud chasing.

I am an incurable science geek. If I say Biochemistry and Cellular Biology you might turn your head and look for something less scary. But hear me out. I have learned more about myself and why I do what I do through teaching than I would learn from a psychologist. Nowadays I delight in homeschooling my youngest. The eldest has fled the homeschooling nest a year ago.

I acknowledge being human more than ever before. It’s a good place to start. Life has thrown a few curve balls at me over the last few years but I still think being alive is one of the best things that’s happened to me. The other one is being a mother.

I have a blue racing bike that I pair with for races and such, or just rides that make my heart swell in ways that cannot be explained unless you hop on one yourself and hit the road. I hike every day with our beloved dog Poppy. That is my morning meditation on the go.

One of my favorite quotes is by Helen Keller: “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature…. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” 


  1. Gord

    Beautiful photography. I enjoy the clarity and depth of your writing,

  2. Daniela: love, love, love your site. Very nicely done!

  3. Patricia Howick

    I’ve been reading your newspaper columns since they started in the Kamloops Daily News. When I’m reading them, I feel like you are someone I would like to know personally. So far, I’ve agreed with most of your parenting stories. I enjoy your “musings”. Although I have just joined “Facebook”, I’m still a little leery about leaving my personal comments for all to see. I am a wife, mother of 4, mother-in-law of 4, grandmother of 11 plus great grandmother of 5. One of the lines in your column of Aug. 17/13 struck a chord with me. I’ve thought that if we all remember to say our pleases and thankyous our lives are so much more comfortable with each other. Even if we think it’s somewhat automatic, the other person may not feel the same way and may get into the habit of using those words more often.

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Patricia. I agree with you, getting in the habit of saying thank you and please would make a difference. Simple common sense changes often bring the most amazing results.

  4. eric janzen

    Hi Daniela,

    I appreciated your recent critique in the Kamloops Daily News on our “throwaway” culture. I was reminded of one practical step that can be taken to combat this: older desktops, laptops and netbooks can be given a new lease on life by installling a linux based operating system. Windows XP is reaching “end of life” in April 2014 and the system requirements of newer versions of Windows are often too high for older computers. I am, in fact, now typing on a 2009 Acer Aspire One netbook that would be facing “end of life” in April if not for the new operating system it now has, Ubuntu (a user-friendly, efficient linux system). While it was a bit of work to get Ubuntu installed (by creating a bootable USB stick and telling the bios to boot from the USB stick), it was well worth the effort and it’s likely that this netbook will see many more years of use rather than getting replaced by the “latest and greatest” device.


  5. J

    (The) Truth is a funny thing… We spend our entire lives living in it and yet -for the majority, I’d say- one’s time is spent running in the opposite direction or simply finding methods to mask or obscure its very existence we find ourselves in…. Strange really: humans.

    (Most would say: It is because I don’t know everything, I can’t be sure of anything, therefore I will ignore ‘it’ and just -seemingly- live and then all will be ok afterwards. [Really? !] – I heard one lady some years back say, that it all comes out in the wash…. Sounded…’momentarily true.’)

  6. J

    -I think you have the hearts of the people of Kamloops _and_ your sustainable, as one sees on the CFJC Midday program. Nobody minds taking care of the planet; it just should never be a religion or religious intention.
    On A Personal _Friendly- Note:

    “Hey ! Who raised you to be this good at the word…words and getting what you feel to paper so readily, so full of the ‘visual?’

    -Tis good to see your flair hinged to and through your thoughts and much grander than the mere clouds, my dear…

    Carry on and write us, yet, pleasantries from your heart; they’re excellent. !

    ‘Ya, Loopsian.’ -Ha, I just made that up!

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