Gratitude makes the journey better and so does kindness

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Do it when it matters most

Here’s a thought that will make you say ‘well, that’s a cliché.’ And it is, perhaps. It goes like this: ‘it’s easy to be grateful when things are going great.’ Right? (I’ve warned you, didn’t I?)

Black Friday Rant. And a question

Okay, I am getting buried in ads, emails, and flyers about Black Friday. Isn’t it everyone? Everyone is trying their hardest to entice us by sending the deluge of ‘Don’t miss it!’, ‘Buy now!’, and whatever other messages that will compel people to buy. Buy more. And more. And…yes, more.

About books, life’s gifts, and reverence

How often do you pick up a book and read with such delight that you forget about time and push a few less urgent items from your to-do list just you can keep reading?

Chances are, not often (unless you have somehow cracked the code, in which case I will politely invite you to share your secret.) For the rest of us, however, it’s a treat.

So…There is a breaking point

We have a hard time letting go of things, even when we know we ought to. Perhaps the reasons are not quite settled yet, from ideas into solid thoughts, but there is that nagging that we ought to let go.

Two recent happenings made me reflect much deeper on this.

Once upon a time, four plus dog went on a canoe adventure (Warning: Long read!)

My left heel still has a tinge of wild blueberry ‘blue’ from the day we portaged to Kidney Lake and found a big patch of them. It’s because my foot slipped off a log which I was balancing on while trying to reach the tasty little wild treats. I ended up with a strong case of purple heel which made my mother-in-law believe I was bleeding, an bad scenario while deep in the wilderness and out of reception.

We were on Turner Lakes chain canoe route in Tweedsmuir Park (one of the largest parks in Canada at 989,616 hectares!), having started our trek a few days before…

The ordinary is what counts. Here’s why

There is a small ant colony on our patio, cradled under a big square log. We were planning on cleaning it up. All it took was observing the ants for a good chunk of time one sunny midday. What first got my attention was a group of four carrying a dry piece of cedar. Yes, together like you and three buddies would. They took it all the way to the nest, deposited where they thought it would be most suitable and then took of in search of the next treasure.

It’s the small things

I bought four mugs at a thrift store yesterday. I am hardly the ‘I must have it if I see it’ type of person, but these were just right. The colour and shape and the way they felt when I picked one up. A mere $4.99 later, they came home with me and four of the ones we had for a while will go to a thrift store. Maybe they’ll become someone’s favourite mug, who knows.

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