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Weekly Column: If you love green spaces, please do it right

Originally published as a column on CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on May 25, 2020.

It’s not every day that you see someone in a municipal park hacking away at Saskatoon bushes with a chainsaw. You think you saw everything until you see that. On any given Saturday morning people come to Peterson Creek Park without a chainsaw, unless of course, they are city employees and they need to attend to some issues in the said park.

Weekly Column: This is a good time to reconsider our food production and processing

Originally published as a column on CFJC News Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on Monday, May 19, 2020.

A couple of weeks ago I went to pick up an order from the local Bulk Barn store. They are the revolutionary ‘bring your (any) container to refill’ buy-in-bulk business, but of course now the reusable container option is out the window so we’re back to single use plastic bags, which you can bundle together and take to recycling outlets, such as London Drugs.

It is still a good option for bulk staples. You order online and the next day you pick up your order at the door, card ready. Two weeks ago, while doing just that, I noticed a line-up at the fast food place across the parking lot.

Weekly column: One step at the time – Reminders of hope and resilience

Originally published as a column on CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on Monday May 11, 2020.

When I grow old and wise, and if I ever get to be 101 years old, that is, I want to be like John Hillman. You may have seen the news about this gentleman, but if you haven’t, well, this story will warm your heart in a special way.

Mr. John Hillman is a veteran, British-born and Canadian by marriage, decorated with four World War II Campaign medals, including the Burma Star, and presently a resident of the retirement home Carlton House in Oak Bay on Vancouver Island. You can read about his life and outstanding service here. Mere sentences in that abridged biographical note can easily become entire chapters in a book.

Weekly column: Wildlife should not pay the ultimate price during the pandemic

Originally published as a column (and caused a backlash on social media) on CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on Monday, April 27, 2020.

Do you remember the first couple of weeks of Covid-19 and the toilet paper shortage? Then came the flour and other dry supplies, followed by yeast. Next came the seed shortage. Suppliers in town could not refill the shelves fast enough, so most grocery stores and points of sales have restrictions on how much a person can buy.

Not to forget, we went through and are still occasionally witnessing a shortage of disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves and masks. Things got better with restrictions, yes, but what a jittery bunch we are.

Weekly column: Celebrate spring with simple but essential offerings – food, smiles and no judgment

Originally published as a column on CFJC Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on April 20th, 2020.

On Saturday, our neighbourhood was speckled with yellow all over: bags of food donations for the Foodbank. To say that the Kamloops community gave generously would be an understatement: 70,000 pounds of food, which should be ensuring the supply for the next six months, according to their Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who did not forget to stuff the yellow bags and big thanks to the volunteers who collected it all!

Day x+n – We are never truly alone and that’s creepy

A few months ago, I made temporary peace with Instagram and returned to posting, mostly because the boys are on the platform and it’s good to relate to them that way too. I’ve sent them way too many photos of dogs and otters, and small cabins tucked in fairy-tale forests, but let’s not talk about that. They share whatever makes them tick and so we dance. Also, there are amazing photos, bits of vulnerable life, and a connection through shared images of our crazy beautiful world and its inhabitants, which includes us humans.

Weekly column: Being kind is always the better option

Originally published as a column on CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on Monday April 13, 2020.

Many years ago, I found this piece of driftwood – a plank just wide enough and long enough to write a short something on,  and that something was one of my favourite quotes by Dalai Lama and a principle I try to live by, ‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.’ We have moved that piece of driftwood from one home to another and during many kids’ squabble I pointed to it as a reminder that kindness can be done, anytime, anywhere. A reminder for all, young and old, that is.

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