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Why Clouds?

I’ve always liked clouds. But I fell in love with them when I first stepped on a plane. I was 26 and almost missed my flight. Glad I didn’t.

Clouds have an elusive nature; they change from one minute to the next. Air currents take them places, fluffing them up or elongating them on a whim.

Cloud chasers are up against a wonderful and obvious challenge. It is the nature of the game, you’ll say, and you are right. It is.

The analogy with life cannot be missed. Just like clouds, life shifts from one moment to the next and we learn, understand, move on, but most of all, change. We evolve from what we once were. We grow.

Clouds bring texture and meaning to a spotless blue sky. The next time you’re out, be aware of the clouds. Let their ever-changing shapes remind you of your ability to do the same. Nothing stays the same in the world. Today’s hard trials will evolve into tomorrow’s joys. It’s true. Allow clouds to serve as your constant reminder.

Be aware of being alive and in the moment.

Wondering about the connection between clouds and mindfulness?

It was one morning in the fall after I dropped off the boys at school that it hit me. I was walking home, tangled in thoughts and planning the day, stressing over life’s conundrums. A few blocks into it, I looked around. The sun was sifted just so through red leaves and the dew was snoozing on fallen brown ones. Not a stir. Clouds hung high in the sky and though my world was windless, their world was drafty and changing constantly. Not one cloud stayed the same.

I did what you would’ve done too: I stopped and looked.  The air, perfected into a nice crisp by the chilly night, was just about warming up. I felt grateful for feeling it against my face. I became present, mind and body, a new starting point for the day about to unfold. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Aside from time itself, clouds are a reminder of how everything passes in the blink of an eye. It’s easy to be carried away and miss the very moment you are in, the place that contains you and the fact that being where you are, when you are there, is becoming a ever-increasing challenging task for most people. A sign of our times, yet we should not let ourselves marred by it. My blog is intended as an invitation to mindfulness, to remind you of where you are, when you are there. An invitation to mindfulness.

One’s life experiences are never an isolated, unique event in the world. John Donne once said: “No man is an island”. He was right. We are never alone in how we experience life. We are better connected to each other and more forgiving of ourselves and others when we erase the memory of being isolated in our emotions, especially the less gracious ones.

Will you honor my invitation to mindfulness? I will do my best to bring you closer to yourself and make the daily journey worthwhile.

Think of clouds. Think of being here, now. You’re alive. It matters.




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  1. ♥ Love clouds too, reminds me of this beautiful quote by Pema Chödrön: “You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” ♥ ♥

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