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Weekly column: We need driving laws that protect pedestrians first

Originally published as a column on CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on Monday, February 17, 2020.

A while back I read a book that was as poignant as it was scary. It is called A deadly wandering: A tale of tragedy and redemption in the age of attention, by Matt Richtel (William Morrow, 2014). I mentioned it at the time because of the high volume of drivers busted driving and texting at the time. I am picking up the topic again because somehow the issue of distracted driving does not seem to go away. How could it? The people at the other end are doing their best to keep our attention hooked to the devices through whatever pings and screen traps necessary.

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Weekly column: Nice hashtag, but are we going to keep talking about mental health?

Originally published as a column on CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on Monday, February 3, 2020.

I have a hard time peeling myself away from the book I am reading to focus on this column. The book is called From the Ashes, and it is written by Jesse Thistle, presently an assistant professor of Metis Studies at York University in Toronto. The path that led him to where he is today though… OK, I will not spoil it for you. I am three quarters done and have shaken my head and winced more times than I could count since I started reading it. I had heard him sharing his story on the radio a couple of years ago while driving with my eldest to Harper Mountain. I wished then he’d write about it. He did.

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Weekly column: How about the pub night?

Originally published as a column on CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on Monday, January 20, 2020.

News travel fast. The controversial stories even faster, more so when they have a risqué edge. Such was the case of the story hailing from our very own ‘small town/big city’ as I like to affectionately refer to Kamloops. It was about a pub and a certain eyebrow-raising event and it got people talking.

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Guest post: Back Up Boy Moms – Working with your sons’ school to be on the same team

This is a first for my blog and thoroughly exciting: a guest post by Amy Herbst, educator, counselor and author, and most importantly, mom to two boys. You can visit her site here and purchase her book here. Enjoy!

Today it seems our sons are bombarded with so many influences coming at them left and right of mixed messaging about being a ‘good boy’.  Further confusion from parenting strategies that have swung from strict and authoritarian to passive or free-range over the last 50 years. It can be difficult to know what’s the best approach as we are raising our sons to be healthy and confident young men and can feel like unchartered territory.  Considering that for our school-age sons, approximately half of their waking hours are spent in school, you do everything you can as a parent to raise your son to do well and make good choices outside of your home. So when conflict or struggle happens or if his behavior goes sideways, then it must be some other kids’ fault or their teacher’s and you blame the school right?  WRONG!  

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Weekly Column: What can we understand from the darkest of times?

Originally published as a column on CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on Monday, January 13, 2020.

It is hard to put into words the extent of the tragedy that has befallen the families and friends of the 176 people who died in the recent plane crash near Tehran. Worse yet was learning the latest about the Iranian surface-to-air missile that struck the plane down. Someone – human error or not – shot the plane down (yes, I know it’s not the first one, sadly.) One can hope that many of the painful questions that multiply with each day will find answers, but then again, that will not make up for lost lives.

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Weekly Column: We need to keep it real – That’s where the magic lives

Originally published as a column on CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News Monday on January 6, 2020.

I’d rather not drive on a day when the weather predictions call for heavy snowstorm. But we had already bought the tickets and it would have taken a lot to make us miss this unique performance. We left Kamloops by 6pm, aiming to arrive before 8pm when the show started. Near Armstrong, that is.

You may have guessed already that we were going to see a rendition of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker by the Caravan Farm Theatre (the performance director was Manon Beaudoin.) A close friend saw one of the theatre’s performances last year and was charmed. She advised us to go if we have the chance. We knew the story but past that, we had no idea what to expect other than the fact that spectators were to be in horse-drawn sleighs for part of the show.

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Weekly Column: Gratitude makes everything a lot better

Originally published as a column on CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on December 23, 2019.

Most days the boys come home from school saying the day was OK. Every now and then something more than ordinary happens and the usual non-descriptive OK is replaced by stories, good and bad. A couple of weeks ago our youngest came home with such a story – a good one.

That day, their Career Planning teacher told them, among others, that gratitude makes life better. He told them stories about people who went through hard times and became that much more grateful for what they had even when almost everything had been taken away from them.

Another time, the woodwork teacher told them that they are fortunate to be able to go to school and have access to so many learning resources. We often talked about this in our home. It is hard to put in in words how good many people have it here. And having it good comes with moral obligations, I believe.

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