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My path is a winding one. I write, I raise my sons, I love and I live. Waking up to a new adventure every day. I have all that I need at every moment.

Social Media and Poeple: Where is the Line and Who Draws It?

You probably had this experience at least once: bringing up a topic that has the potential to either jumpstart a debate or turn everyone silent and eager to move on to the next thing without as much as a word to acknowledge yours. This happens more when the said topic pertains to one of the… Read More »

Weekly Column: ‘Beyond Climate’ Supplies Both Reason And Hope

Originally published as a column on CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on March 11, 2019.  There is at least one reason why over 700 people packed the Grand Hall of the Campus Activity Centre at TRU last Friday for the screening of Dr. Ian Mauro’s newest documentary, Beyond Climate. To renew their hope… Read More »

Weekly Column: The Antidote to Internet Challenges Is Presence (The Real Kind)

Like all parents with school-age children, I received the district heads-up letter about the Momo challenge. By now most have are familiar with the strange, creepy face of the Momo character and the internet storm it has created. My eldest had heard about it, while my youngest had not. I passed on the heads-up. They… Read More »