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Second Warning. What Next?

For all the times I had doubts about my hammering on the issue of climate change and bringing up various wrongs that suffocate the blue skies and kill the fish, well, the latest news chases away any feelings of inadequacy on the matter. Not that it will sweeten the deal. On the contrary. More than… Read More »

Compassion Builds A Better Kamloops

Originally published as a column in the CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on Monday November 6, 2017.  It was almost midnight, almost Friday, when I started writing this. The house was quiet and warm and outside sudden wind gushes were throwing snow up in the air creating white ghosts that seemed unable to… Read More »

Trick or Treat: The (Even) Darker Side Of Halloween

Originally published as a column on CFJC Today Kamloops and Armchair Mayor News on October 30, 2017.  Just a few days ago, a big explosion and fire at a firework factory in Tangerang, Indonesia, killed at least 47 people. The death toll will likely continue to rise as many of the survivors have suffered severe… Read More »