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What’s Worth Fighting For?

This is a rant. I am disappointed, utterly disappointed with the way the press has chosen to respond to the Canada-China Investment Treaty issue. I admit to getting passionate about things I believe are worth fighting for. This is one of them. It is for the first time that I am so affected by a… Read More »

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Winter, Gratitude And More

“Do I have frostbite?” Sasha’s jesty question makes me roll my eyes. Yeah right… His hands are red though and they should be freezing cold by now. We got here half an hour ago and he got busy building a snowman. Mittens got in the way and how could they not, all battered by snow,… Read More »

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Talking Trash

I did it before and I will do it again. Give garbage a voice that most don’t want to hear. Because it stinks, it really does. Before my official coronation as the queen of doom, here are the facts. I am preparing a presentation for the boys’ school for this coming Friday. Exciting but upsetting… Read More »

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