Monthly Archives: September 2013

Night Out In Kamloops

It was last Wednesday evening that I honored an invitation to go about town with a bunch of strangers and eat at four different restaurants for a first time of a culinary and social event called Dishcrawl. I did not know what to expect as everything had been kept a secret until that evening. Sometimes… Read More »

Find A Child To Read To

We finished The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn on the way to Vancouver — the last three chapters or so. We had started reading it the day before in the midst of unfinished chores, but what better time to read than when the child says, “Let’s read!” There’s never been a better excuse for shifting priorities.… Read More »

This Is How It Starts

We asked them “Do you want to try it on your own?” They both said yes. Not a blink of “maybe.” They grabbed paddles, bulked themselves up with life jackets and cut a path through the lily pads. A canoe, all for themselves. They sway, they scream, they laugh, they give each other sailing names… Read More »