Monthly Archives: February 2014

They Need To Know About The Past To Understand The Present

(Originally published as a column in The Armchair Mayor News on February 21, 2014) On the way to Wells Grey Park last spring we spotted a ghost house and its adjacent barn and we stopped. The boys would not have it any other way. We walked through tall green grass all the way to the… Read More »

It Takes A Village…

Originally published as a column in The Armchair Mayor News, the new venue for The Way I See It column, on February 14, 2014.  It was at bedtime that I heard my youngest singing the refrain of a recent Miley Cyrus hit, something that has to do with a wrecking ball. Music likes and dislikes… Read More »


It was early afternoon and quiet. Nothing stirred and yet the snow on the ground had been pinched by countless legs, some coming in fours, others in twos. Soon after we took the trail through the trees, it became a game. ‘What’s this?’ ‘Deer.’ ‘And this?’ ‘Coyote.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Yes, see the poop next to it?’… Read More »