Monthly Archives: April 2014

Joy In Routines? Here’s Why

The morning had no particularities unless you count the half-an-inch added to the tiny marigold plants in the front yard. Write, get the boys up, get their lunches ready, take them to school. Come back, coffee time on the porch, back to writing. Routines fragment the day into segments that make it feel familiar and… Read More »

This Is Also Part Of Life

(Originally published as a column in the AM News on Friday, April 18, 2014.) It is the part of life that many of us only whisper about and parents often try to keep children protected from. Mine did. Because it hurts. But hurt is also part of life. Better processed when you’re not trying to… Read More »

The Truth About Earth Day

I woke up to rain and cloud-shrouded hills. I remembered it was Earth Day because yesterday we had a conversation about it. Lights at school will be switched off during lunch time because it’s Earth Day, the boys announced. They found it funny. Why only at lunch time? Why only on Earth Day and why… Read More »