Monthly Archives: May 2014

If You Could Stop It, Would You?

Monday morning came heavy and grey; a merciless headache and sore throat included. Some chores had to be done, less so taking the boys to school. Pink eye on one, a bit of a cough on the other, the house felt like a camp where the blind learned to lead the blind. Everyone stayed home.… Read More »

Doing Right By The Land And Its People – Why It Makes Sense To Love Our Land

(Originally published as a column in the AM News on Friday May 23, 2014) We left Kamloops on a rainy morning, set for a long trip to a place we’ve never been before: Bella Coola. The best kind of road trip; heading into a territory you don’t know, you cannot find enough information about and… Read More »

Come As You Are (Because Nothing Else Makes Sense)

There’s nothing like a botched haircut when it comes to revealing how we insecure we feel about our appearance. Except that the haircut was not botched. I am no Edward Scissorhands but I’ve been the master of haircuts since my boys were born. But boys grow and as they do, so do their worries. Their… Read More »