Monthly Archives: May 2015

Sliced Mango… And Yes, That

That morning the boys asked for mango for breakfast. ‘Cut in squares Mom, you know how you do that, with the peel still on.’ I do. Squares. Orange yellow, a colour so deep that it draws you in. It smelled fresh and it reminded me of summer mornings, of this year, of last year, of… Read More »

The Place We’re In, Up Close and Personal

Initially published as a column in the AM News on Friday May 8, 2015.  Have you ever seen a bee napping in a clump of flowers? We have, my youngest son and I, as we were walking to the bus stop on our way to school today. Just a very sleepy bee, its will to… Read More »

Here’s Why. Happy Mother’s Day

You may think me crazy but I really did not mind this morning’s quarrel so much, you know. I did not want the day to be perfect, so the loudness and messy bits made it just right. You’ll ask in amazement, two pairs of brown loving eyes, puzzled yet again by what I say. ‘Mom,… Read More »