Monthly Archives: December 2015

Things I’ve Learned. Happy New Year!

It is almost New Year’s Eve and winter has somewhat caught up with us bringing frozen sunny mornings to our doorstep. It is eerily humbling to be waiting for winter the way it once was in a place that is never going to be the way it once was… People and places change in the… Read More »

So This Is Christmas…

Originally published as a column in NewsKamloops on December 25, 2015. It is Christmas Eve and the four of us are tucked deep into the heart of Transylvania celebrating the winter holidays with family. Whether we travel or stay at home, this time a year is when we journey to a place that is always… Read More »

The Things I Remember

The small volcanoes my Dad would make in the front yard near the black currant bushes. He smoked these cigarettes that were pure tobacco. Short and no filter, so there was always a little bit of leaf bits falling off the ends as you pulled it out of its paper wrapping. Somehow I loved that.… Read More »