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It’s Time We Decriminalize Political Discourse

Originally published as a column on CFJC Today and Armchair Mayor News on April 2, 2017.  If I had a dollar for every time I was part of a conversation that had people purposefully steer away from subjects such as politics… well, you get the idea. It’d be a good chunk of money. I know… Read More »

Why Do Pitt Bulls Get More Public Attention Than Abused Children

Initially published as a column in the Armchair Mayor News on Friday, October 7, 2016.  Since 2011, at least 233 children between the ages of three and 18 have been subjected to sexual abuse while in foster care. That is in British Columbia alone. The majority of them were girls and more than 60 percent… Read More »

Yes, We Talk Politics. Here’s Why

We do not watch TV in my family. That leaves us in the dark when a question like ‘Have you seen the last episode of…’ surfaces, but it’s a risk worth taking. I read the news instead and often times conversations around coffee, tea, and meals, have us talk about the latest in politics. Children… Read More »