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Lessons Sprouting Out Of Small Gardens. Eight.

It is by no one’s fault in particular that the garden this year is of Lilliputian dimensions and rather drab looking. A far cry from last year’s. But such is life. The road reveals itself as you go and gardens have a way of teaching humbleness. Lesson one. Like parenting. I said it before. The… Read More »

Tomato School – Why Gardening Makes Sense

I tried to grow tomatoes in Vancouver many times. The climate did not agree with my intentions and the tomato project became a ‘perhaps one day…’ Then we moved to Kamloops in late summer, just in time for a bountiful harvest at the farmer’s market. Baskets of tomatoes stared me in the face and gave… Read More »

An Inventory Of An Unruly Garden

As of this morning, it goes like this: One confused sunflower. Either confused or a rule breaker causing a bit of a flower revolution, with a clear refusal to follow the sun. Imagine that. I’d say it takes guts. A cluster of orange suns: Calendula flowers, a must if you’re a bee. Not for eating… Read More »