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The Day And All The Learning In It

On Tuesdays we take it to the hills. It is Forest School day for the little guy, and most days find us on one of the hills around Kamloops. Yesterday we were Kenna Cartwright. Snow was coming down hard in big clumps. The rubber boots I was wearing (and I usually never wear outside rainy… Read More »

Tread Gently. Add Courage

It’s in that little breath of wind that sweeps across your face as you walk on the river shores alongside the one you’ve chosen. Or was chosen for you. Do we know? Will we ever? It is not important, as long as you understand that magic is part of it. The wind, ever so softly reaching… Read More »

Unconditional Acceptance? Is What You Make Of It

If clouds were hunks of cheese and you’d take the biggest one, grate it and spread the shredded bits all over the sky, you’d get a milky-white cupola cradling early morning light like one does in a white tent. That’s the sky this morning. It smells of roses and the noises from far away are… Read More »