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Children Need To Take It Outside (and Us Too)

(Originally published as a column in the AM News on January 16, 2015)  The good thing about sleeping in an igloo is that when you get up you’re already dressed for the day. In our case, that helped even more since we slept in and woke up at 8am and school was to start half… Read More »

The Magic Behind Gloomy Skies On A Winter’s Day In Kamloops

(Originally published as a column in The Armchair Mayor News on February 28, 2014) That day last week was the first sunny one in a while. So we picked up the boys after school and walked home along the river. The ice was thick enough to walk on, and smooth enough to skid every which… Read More »

These Are … Whose Games?

It’s snowing white plump butterflies and all I can think of is snow tumbles and plain silly fun. Snowfall with chubby snowflakes is as quiet as can be, but also loud in what it evokes in one’s soul. Winter magic, you know. To that, one could add the titillating countdown to the Winter Olympics in… Read More »